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Georgi is a very gifted healer who was able to access my past lives, affirm my life path and provide vibrational blissful healing! She is a true gift .

-Melissa Kennebunk, ME


Georgi’s expertise is matched by her wisdom and loving compassion. Each session with Georgi is a profound experience of physical, mental and emotional clearing and healing, leaving me with an elevated sense of balance and peace. A session with Georgi is a gift I regularly give myself.

-Estelle, Maine


“I have learned that healing cannot be confined to a technique; healing is acting on behalf of the whole life and in harmony with the worlds. Georgi Nelson embodies this wisdom, acting as a true instrument of healing in every safe and sacred moment I experience with her. There is a sweeping arc to Georgi’s sessions – building one upon another in unique devotion to what is wanted on behalf of my highest self right now. I have been transformed in Georgi’s luminous and loving care, and my world of relationships has noticed with gratitude.”

~ Jennifer C., CEO/Business Owner


"At the end of each session when we are scheduling our next one, Georgi
always asks, "When would you like to come next?"  My first thought is always
"Tomorrow would be great!"  That is the best testament to Georgi.  I would
work with her every day if I could.  She is magical, insightful, thoughtful,
and on the cutting edge of what everyone would benefit from being a part of.
Quite simply, Georgi is a gift."

- Cynthia


Georgi utilizes an impressive array of healing techniques. She is dedicated to her work and excels at it.  She has helped me to develop a new perspective, and my

world has changed amazingly over the past 4 years that I have consulted with her. For all she has done for me, I am deeply grateful.

Namaste! :-)

-Bonnie, Maine


When I think of my sessions with Georgi, what comes to mind is a person who understands healing comes from being present, compassionate, kind, and ultimately caring for another person's overall well-being. She is an excellent listener by nature and intentionally by practice.  She is a person of high integrity and professionalism which creates the ultimate environment for one to feel safe and secure.  She naturally tunes in you, your higher self, and Spirit. No matter where you are in life, and what you're working on personally, Georgi is someone I would highly recommend as part of your healing journey. 

In Peace and Light,



Georgi is a compassionate and dedicated Energy Worker.  She is one of the best I have ever experienced in my years in the Therapeutic Arts business and lifestyle. She helps me stay on course with my intention to live a positive and abundant life, and I would surely miss her if she ever stopped doing her special work.  She is pure LOVE!!

- Linda S.


My very first session with Georgi was relaxing, peaceful and helped me to release grief that I have been carrying for 35 years.  And it was so easy.  My second DNA session was amazing in the realizations and correlations that were made. These helped me to move forward through a transition into my new business with much more feeling, depth of passion and commitment knowing this is what I am here to do.

- Darlene C., ME


I have a RETREAT.   " TheRetreat " on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, in Central America, and work with the Elders of the Maya.  I host guests whose intention is to amplify their own uniqueness during this time of great acceleration. Im very discerning with who I work with, and I trust Georgi, to work with my energy.  I recommend her for any one whose desire, is to walk forward into their souls full potential. - Darlena L., Guatemala 


Gifted is the word that best describes Georgi Nelson.  Her multi-faceted modulates of healing are truly enhanced energy.  I started working two years ago with Georgi.  She has released lifetimes of negative energy within in me including the present one.  My mind, body and spirit are uplifted because of Georgi’s work.  She is also one of the kindest people that I know on this earth plane.

-  Melina F. (Indiana)


My work with Georgi has given me powerful insights and helped me to create a relationship based on unconditional love. I've been able to relax in rocky times and let things happen naturally. I have recommended her to colleagues, friends, and family- everyone can benefit, in any area of your life.

- Deborah D., Arizona


I have found polarity therapy to be uplifting, relaxing, and rejuvenating. I often leave Georgi’s sessions feeling on top of the world and very ready to take on whatever issue I have been struggling with. The spiritual component of her work clinches the necessity of partaking in polarity therapy as it enhances the overall experience. Georgi is a compassionate and gifted healer; I urge all to experience this type of energy work for yourself. It truly is a gift to your soul, mind, and body.

- Donna D., Maine

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