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Re-awakening your divine inner self

Gnosis and the Evolution of Belief

Is the world challenging your beliefs and creating doubts and confusion?  Do you question who you are and where you're going?  Does it feel like a piece of you is missing?  Consciously or  unconsciously, we struggle with this every day.  Have we been conditioned to give credence to outside ideologies for clarity, direction and balance in our lives?  Has our soul forgotten all the answers are within, providing the confidence to joyfully embrace beliefs, relationships and career paths?  Are you desiring a re-awakening and direct participation with the Divine within?  This class will help you explore these questions.

Gnosis is the Greek word for, “Having Knowledge and Wisdom”.  Gnostic philosophy dates back to the extraterrestrial

civilizations evolving into the present. This course offers an alternate view of the origins of the world's three major religions:  Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Each class will encourage students to explore their own personal knowledge and belief systems by uncovering unfamiliar thought provoking information.  You are invited to join Georgi Nelson,CPT, in discovering the secrets of your soul and remembering who you truly are.

This is a 6 week Zoom class

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EST)


(Classes will be recorded and accessible due to attendance conflicts.)

For syllabus and registration info:





Class Syllabus

Class 1  

Gnostic Roots, ET's & Star Beings

Anunnaki & Melchizedek    

Class 2

Egyptians & Judaism

Zoroastrianism & Muhammad

                                   Class 3                                        

                          Pythagorus & Hermes Trismegatus              

     Druids & Essenes   

Class 4

     Yeshua (Jesus) & Mary Magdalene

   Crucifixion & St. Paul

                                         Class 5                                               

                             Rex Deus & Rennes-le-Chateau                   

      Cathars & Troubadours     

Class 6

Knights Templars  

   Tying It All Together

Class glossaries and bibliography will be emailed   

DNA Session

Deep within the nucleus of our cells lies 12 strands of DNA. Thousands of years ago Humanity lost connection to 10 of those strands, These 10 dormant strands are called the "God Code". When all 12 strands are activated we become open to our connection to Source.  Awakening people to their Soul's story.  Helping to remember who we truly are.  Who we are is Divine.


Physical DNA is only half of our inheritance. Emotional DNA is also handed down from past lives and ancestrally. The patterns and beliefs of our ancestors affect our own successes and failures. This can influence physical, emotional health, relationships, abundance, wealth, career, life purpose and happiness. DNA and Sacred Heart  healing allow the gift of resetting the genetic code back to its original blueprint of perfection, wellness and abundance.


DNA  Distance Sessions can also be done by phone or Zoom.

DNA Session

DNA and Sacred Heart Sessions

Energy is everywhere. Freely flowing energy in our physical and emotional bodies connect us to feelings of health and well-being. This helps to open the doors of possibilities reaching personal desires and goals.  Due to "Life's experiences" energy gets blocked affecting the body physically and emotionally. Our past lives, ancestral memories, families, religion and society has conditioned us to believe and perceive insecurities and imperfections. It's been necessary to protect our hearts.  The Sacred Heart resides within our physical heart.  It holds infinite healing chambers enabling us to release old emotions and memories.  These repressed emotions often leave us stuck living in anger and fear.  This resistance can lead to illness, depression, frustration and stress.  Most people have forgotten  the truth of who they really are and their soul's story. DNA and Sacred Heart Healing allows the opportunity to release the old patterns and traumas that no longer serve us. This clears the way to experience personal power, wellness and the abundance and joy of life.  The benefits of a session assists in clearing, balancing and healing the body on all levels.  It can reduce stress, anxiety and trauma, treats depression, addresses self-esteem issues, ADD/ADHD and those on the Autism Spectrum. A session can also heal DNA and Sacred Heart cellular memories increasing vitality, strengthening the body's systems to wellness and health on all levels.

Remote sessions are available by phone or Zoom.

Distance Healing Session

We all take for granted the unseen energies of electricity, sound and light waves around us.  Our personal energy is no different.  It is invisible to the naked eye but an integral part of who we are. 


Georgi easily connects to a client's energy anywhere, but always with their conscious permission.  A Distance Session begins with a  phone call or Zoom, to discover how Georgi can support a client with their concerns or issues.  It is recommended to sit or lay down quietly while Georgi conducts a session.  A client will participate as if they were physically present on the table in her office.  Georgi will explain or answer any questions in the moment.  A client can benefit equally from a office visit or a Distance Session.



Energy Session 100.00


Distance Healing Session $100.00/hr.


All cancellation must be made with 24 hours advanced notice


If you have any questions or wish to register
 please contact Georgi Nelson at 207-251-9002 

email her at:





What is a DNA & Sacred Hat Session?
What is a DNA and Sacred Heat Session?
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