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Ascension Class - Level I

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?   What are you searching and seeking?  These are such confusing times.  We often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, fearful and disconnected with ourselves.   The World appears to be “falling apart” and sometimes so does our personal life.  Many of the tools and strategies we have used no longer work.  This class is about learning to ascend to the next spiritual level in your evolutionary process.  Ascension is about moving from one level of consciousness to the next.


My goals for this class are to assist you in advancing your personal and spiritual growth, accelerating your awakening, strengthening your spiritual connection to Source and reconnecting with the 

“TRUTH and LOVE that YOU are.”


We will be using a free on line Ascension Guide Book.  The Syllabus for each class is attached to this flyer.



Energy Session $125.00


Distance Session $125.00/hr.


All cancellation must be made with 24 hours advanced notice


If you have any questions or wish to register
 please contact Georgi Nelson at 207-251-9002 

email her at:





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